The Blind Portrait Experience

art basel 2017

miami beach edition

Let me capture your essence.
— The Blind Portrait

I am on a quest to gaze into the eyes of 10k people.

This quest has come to life in efforts to raise awareness on the importance of human connection.

Through a 45 second eye gazing exercise I am able to create a connection and illustrate a one line intuitive portrait of each subject.

I do this without looking at the paper, in one shot and using one line.

I call these a portrait of your essence

I have conducted blind portraits across 8 countries and countless cities. As I grow closer to 10,000 portraits a global network of individual connections are created. This network will come together upon the project completion.

How will that happen?

The first step will be a large installation displaying the 10k portraits. Thereafter, I will offer each person that has participated the opportunity to receive their portrait as a gift in exchange for a collective humanitarian deed.

This opportunity allows for the network to join forces and do something greater than us. 


We invite you to join the experience...


10k connections in the making...