Peek inside.


Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and based in Los Angeles, California, Turgeman's canvas has always been the natural world itself. Whether it be creating a house made of mirrors in the desert or a wind chime installation in the heart of the Yucatan jungle, her wide-ranging creations are emotional spectacles of beauty.

Her most acknowledged work to date, The Little House, a large scale mirrored house, with a crawl space leading to an infinite chamber, toured to 5 locations including MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles and Rumney Guggenheim in New York.

A strong reputation for production and execution has led Turgeman's installations to be featured in some of the world's most significant cultural events and luxurious establishments. 

Turgeman's thought provoking experiences expand the imagination and stir perception.



Simone Lemoniere
Creative Director, Mentor