The Blind Portrait Experience


I am on a quest to gaze into the eyes of 10k people.

This quest has come to life in efforts to raise awareness on the importance of human connection.

Through a 45 second eye gazing exercise I am able to create a connection and illustrate a one line intuitive portrait of each subject.

I do this without looking at the paper, in one shot and using one line.

I call these a portrait of your essence

I have conducted blind portraits across 14 countries and countless cities. As I grow closer to 10,000 portraits a global network of individual connections are created. This network will come together upon the project completion.

How will that happen?

The first step will be a large installation displaying the 10k portraits. Thereafter, I will offer each person that has participated the opportunity to receive their portrait as a gift in exchange for a collective humanitarian deed.

This opportunity allows for the network to join forces and do something greater than us. 

Sarah Sperling Miami, Florida



The Little House


The Little House is a traveling mirrored house with multiple sound experiences that change with each location.

Enter through a tunnel on your hands and knees to experience sound therapy in a circular infinite mirrored room. 

The Little House has dwelled in 5 locations to date.

Pictured here:

MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  


Red Bull Express



Conceptualized for the Red Bull Curates series, in entirety The Red Bull Express was inspired by the merging of eras.

60 select guests were invited to embark on a journey from Los Angeles to CRRSD Festival in San Diego.


Would you sip your cocktail, listen to jazz and visit a doctor in the past? or dance the ride away in a geometric club and experience The Fountain of Youth Spa set in the future?




A Whale of a Time


Presented at Governors Ball Music Festival 

Meet Whaleoughby.

Curated by Wallplay 

In partnership with Citizens of Humanity

In support of The Lonely Whale Foundation


Bringing people closer to the worlds oceans, inspiring empathy and action for ocean health and the wellbeing of marine wildlife.


IMG_3597 2.JPG
Be a good citizen. Your future self is proud.


We created a platform for festival goers to mail their future self a postcard.

Over 2,500 people participated.

What would you tell your future self?



The Sensory Lab


Yeah Field Trip, El Capitan Canyon

Part experiment. Part Installation. Part Performance. The singular experience is designed to excite your senses while measuring your mind and heart.

Join us as we log how various sounds, smells, colors and vibrations make you feel.



Haus der Sinne


Haus der Sinne, Bombay Beach

The Bombay Beach Biennale is a 48 hour art and culture takeover of an eerie and surreal town that refuses to be forgotten. 

Haus Der Sinne translates to The House of Senses.

Enter the space and experience 3 installations that evoke emotion correlated to the history of this town  set in front of the Salton Sea. 


Rosa: The big pink fish in the room

Tub Life: This dual experience teaches you a  japanese facial rejuvenation exercise through a set of headphones. 

The Sensory Lab: A journey designed to excite the senses. 



Sensory Confession Vessel


Sony Kando Trip

Enter to experience a singular journey where multiple senses are stimulated simultaneously.

The vessel was created for Kando Trip retreat goers to confess their sensations. 



We got lost


Get Lost, Little River Studios

Play with perspective in a an adult playground. 





Pattaya, Thailand

Visit Wonderlily Island to experience The Sacred Tones alongside programmed sensory experiences throughout the weekend. 

A Flower Tea Ceremony held by Lucia Neamtu opened the gates to the island.

The following evening research chef Brian Brindza took us on a three coursed tasting journey which made up the evolution of the lotus flower. With over 150 seatings the experience was an insatiable success. 

We closed the island with a performance titled Wisperings of The Lilly. The journey was fueled with live spoken word and poetry by Guinevere Rhonwen Short of Wild Sirenda. Sit on the island and listen to her amplified voice as she rowed around the island on the Wonderlily vessel. 


Day Zero

Tulum, Mexico

These were experiences which festival goers had to seek and find.


A sanctuary comprised of 66 man made stacks of balanced rocks that encompass a large fire pit.

The area was created as a place for people to discover and enjoy various programmed acoustic performances.



Travel down a narrow path lined with 80 light poles that are activated by motion sensors. 

At the end of the path you will find a wishing well surrounded by another 40 lights. 

Follow the instruction by writing a wish and placing in the bucket. 

Drop your wish and a hidden motion sensor will activate the lights surrounding the well.

As each wish is dropped the lights flash. 

This is what we call enlightened wishes.



Enter a portal to experience live music performances surrounded by handmade wind chimes, a large spiral walk way and more...



Take a moment to ground yourself in the jungle cinema. 



The Nest

FullSizeRender 55.jpg

Hotel Nomade, Tulum, Mexico

The life size nest can house up to 25 people and is used as a place for lounging. 



Tones of Creation


Cenote Dos Ojos, Tulum, Mexico

Enter this cavity to discover a wind chime sanctuary. 



Sixth Hue

The Dutchess, Dutchess County, NY



Maison Saint Germaine

Houdini Estate, Los Angeles, CA




Yaan Spa, Tulum, Mexico



Trees Company

La Troupe Boutique, Tulum, Mexico



Garden of Sacred Tones

Hotel Nomade, Tulum, Mexico